December 10, 2015

Worth Project

Throughout 2015 G+N has been working on new ways of producing Gluejeans, supported by the Worth-project.

Together with Centexbel from Belgium the glueing technique has been updated. Results are promising but still need more work. Future possibilities are reason for excitement :)

First sample was made in a 15.5 Oz. Collect denim with white glue.

June 5, 2015

Day of wonder

Today you can see gluejeans' leather coat at 'A day of wonder'. Last week we spend a day of admiring robotics play with our twisted squeeze wallet. Rob Scharff introduced us to his ingenious soft robotic hand which thoroughly amazed us. 

The robotic hand was developed by Rob Scharff to demonstrate how the application of soft materials in robotics can improve the human-robot interaction. The hand is 3D-printed and actuated using pneumatics.

Oktober 5, 2016

De Nederlandse mode in 100 kledingstukken by Milou van Rossum & Daan Brand

Gluejeans #1 is mentioned in the latest book on Dutch fashion by Milou van Rossum & Daan Brand.

In your local bookstore now ;)


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